Safety is the utmost priority in all our sites and strict adherence to the safety policy is maintained.

  • Personal Safety items like Helmets, safety belts and safety shoes are mandatory at site.
  • Ledger is maintained at site to follow the issue of the safety items to workers and wearing of the same is strictly maintained at site with penalty clause.
  • Site office & the stores are equipped with fire prevention and the house keeping of the same is well maintained.
  • Workmen Compensation, CAR policy are implemented at site.
  • All the Workers are covered with ESIC benefits.

Safety requirements for Electrical work

  • Following safety precautions to be taken as listed below:

Personal protective equipment:

  • All necessary personal safety equipment like safety helmet, safety shoes, jacket, etc. are made available.
  • Those engaged in welding and cutting works are provided with protective face and eye-shields and leather gloves, etc.
  • Work personnel shunting between inside & outside any shaft or floor edges should use safety harness.
  • No smoking within the site premises.

Electric cabling work inside the lift shaft:

  • Full body safety harness with double lanyard (scaffold hook type) provided and securely anchored.

Work at height inside the electric duct at elevated level:

  • Adequate lighting should be provided throughout the working period inside the electric plumbing shaft.
  • Safety Harness should be of double lanyard type. While working near unprotected shaft opening, floor edges use of safety harness and securely anchoring hook in firm support.

Internal electric work:

  • For, conduting work at ceiling level, provision of proper platform / trestle ladder.

Electric conduit Zaary work:

  • When cutting or drilling into walls or ceilings, proper precaution should be taken for existing electrical wiring and other hidden utilities.
  • Use of protective goggles, ear protective ear plugs, etc.
  • All waste, debris generated during chipping shall be collected and disposed daily.

Use of power operated hand tools:

  • Before taken into use, check all electric operated tools. Use only good condition tools.
  • Ensure safety guards of power tools.
  • Properly insulated cable joints.
  • Use of pin top plugs.
  • Proper routing of electric cables. Cable should not run through staircase access, public movement area to avoid tripping hazard.
  • Provision of proper extension board for work locations away from TEDB.

Internal wiring work inside the flat/pulling of wire through conduits:

  • For work at height provide good quality trestle ladder/ stable working platform.
  • For wire pulling, use of suitable hand gloves.

Flat testing:

  • During flat testing, switch off electrical supply and test with the help of socket tester and multi meter. Use insulated hand gloves & foot protection. Work under supervision of experience electrical license holder.

External electric work:

  • For street pole lighting fixtures, provision of suitable ladder of sufficient height.
  • For external development through cable trench, open manholes is barricaded with suitable railing, provide suitable light arrangement.

Vertical pulling of electric cable through shaft:

  • During vertical cable pulling, cable pulling from top to down level is prohibited.

Terrace level work (Installation of lightening arrestor, aviation light,etc:

  • Use of safety harness with anchoring arrangement.

Temporary electric distribution/ installation for construction work activities:

  • All lines will be switched off before carrying out any connection or repair work "LOCK & TAG OUT”

Excavation work:

  • Use of insulated hand tools and insulated safety personal protective equipment’s.

Mechanical material handling:

  • A mobile crane or overhead crane of suitable capacity.
  • All lifting equipment, tools & tackles (Mobile crane, pulley, web sling, steel wire rope slings, etc.) shall be tested and valid test certificate.
  • Unloading of electric panels, cable drums from truck: While handling Electric panel boards manually by Mathadi workers: By use of Hydra, sling unloading panels from truck and shifting at the said location by keeping on round pipes. Care shall be taken
  • to avoid falling/ caught in between.
  • Proper guide rope shall be provided to avoid tilting.In case of use of good condition chain pulley.