Manufacturing Facilities

Our factory at Mahape, Navi Mumbai has following set up:


Fabrication Shop:

  •  Most Modern CNC Shearing machine, bending machine for Sheet Metal Processing. All CRCA sheets steel undergoes process for cutting and bending through these CNC machine.
  •  Argon welding machine for quality welded joints.
  •  Joints of any kind in sheet metal seam are welded. All welding slag is rounded off and welding    pits wiped with smooth plumber metal.
  • Stage inspection is done after the fabrication, to ascertain the accuracy of the structure. Strict

adherence to quality control & supervision by in-house engineers at each & every stage.

  • All steel work undergoes a rust removal process comprising alkaline degreasing, descaling in dilute sulphuric acid, cold rinsing, phosphating and passivating.
  • Metal treatment is followed by electrostatic powder Coating. Thickness is not less than 50 micron .The paint shade for panel inside/ outside shall be RAL 7032 or Light Grey shade 631 as per IS5.
  • The panel is baked in the oven after powder coating applied at a temperature of 160-240 c for half an hour.
  • The oven baking provides the panel more durability and also helps in provision of longevity of the same. This also provides the function of drying, curing and protects the surface of the panel from various elements like oil ,moisture etc.
  • Due to baking of panel in the oven, powder coating is more adhesive and hence is aesthetic in appearance with long lasting durability of the product.
  • It also prevents panel from rusting. Hence it improves the durability of the panel.


Assembly Shop 

  • Complete powder coated structure comes for the assembly shop; where in gasketing of the doors are done through self adhesive neoprene gaskets to ensure dust and vermin proof.
  • Aluminum or copper bus bars as per the specifications are processed through hydraulic type busbar processing machines. Flawless accurate cutting, bending and punching of the busbars done to ensure the good quality.
  • Epoxy insulators are used to mount the bus bars and zinc passivated hardware is used for fixing the components during the assembly.
  • High quality  wires are used for power and control wiring; with proper ferruling and marking as per the drawings.
  • Wires are properly tied and enclosed through proper PVC channels.
  • As per the requirements switchgears, meters etc are mounted inside the compartments and connected with proper sleeved busbars or power wires and terminated in the cable chamber through properly rated terminals.
  • Completed panels are tested in the factory as per the  IS : 8623 norms.
  • Following Routine tests are conducted within house. Integrated  digital test set and results are recorded in the prescribed format, which in turn forms our manufacturing test certificate :


    1. HV testing for 2.5 KV for 1minute power frequency
    2. Megger test with 1000KV Megger
    3. Operation test by giving the supply
    4. Physical measurement as per the approved drawings.
    5. Meter setting and programming.
  • Following special tests can be conducted if called for:
    1. Heat run test through primary injection up to 4000A
    2. Mill volt drop test