Maintenance Department

In a quest to offer further personalized Service to our Clients, we have now ventured into the field of  Electrical Maintenance through our sister concern M/S Prabhat Engineering Co. with a sole purpose of providing one stop Maintenance Service & Solutions, so that our clients  can  reap maximum benefit of our massive  experience of more than 30 Years.

Each year a substantial amount of money is lost by way of unexpected breakdown and faults arising due to poor or nil maintenance.  Our aim is to reduce these costs by providing a tailor-made plan of inspections and preventative maintenance visits at regular intervals.

We stay true to our client’s interests and needs.  Our Prices are affordable and we deliver our services with a commitment to achieve energy efficiency, reliability and safety.  Our aim is to achieve complete client confidence in our business by delivering premium electrical services at the right price.

Our Services Includes:

* Breakdown maintenance *Energy conservation and Management
* Preventive/Predictive maintenance. *Safety Audit
* Co-ordination with contracting agencies,including third party contractors. * 24/7 support from our technical team.

Why Prabhat Engineering Co. For Maintenance?

We are dedicated to provide our esteemed clients with total engineering solutions under one roof in a cost effective manner and also to realize our dream of being a specialized service provider, committed to deliver nothing but the best.

Our highly skilled maintenance and service staff will always be happy to help you with any electrical system issues that you may have in order to minimize the risk of power outages or serious accidents.

At Prabhat, we know that maintenance is just as important as original installation, which is why we offer a comprehensive collection of maintenance services to make sure that your business is always operating without disruption.

What makes Prabhat Maintenance Different :-

  • To forecast problems, timely solution, prevent unscheduled shutdowns at the earliest.
  • We provide solutions with maintenance for operating buildings effectively and efficiently. Our services cater to the necessities of Malls, group housing societies, corporate buildings and offices. In addition to this, we also undertake minor repair which are essential to maintain properties to the standards.
  • We undertake checking services for various types of equipments in corporate, residential and commercial establishments. These include systematic checking of Transformers, Fire protection and Detection system, Security systems (such as CCTV, P.A system, Intercom etc). At predetermined intervals, auditing of the system shall be performed by employing latest available techniques and instruments.
  • To ensure a perfect and fool proof maintenance Log sheets, History sheets are maintained .This facilitates in forecasting of any defects or faults.