In the present highly competitive environment, it is becoming increasingly difficult to create a product / service that is unique in the eyes of the client’s.  Hence to achieve sustainable competitive edge, more & more organizations are relying not only on strong fundamental Customer base but also technical support system of highest order.  Thus, the emergence of technical support system of highest order “PRABHAT”, whose intense focus is on making seemless combination of delivering unique product/services.

PRABHAT is a multi-discipline consulting engineering firm dedicated to provide the highest quality of services to each of its client. The main focus at PRABHAT, is  to assist both the ultimate  users and architects throughout the various stages  of development  in the Project. We are committed to satisfy the clients requirements and to the continuous improvement of the work processes.

PRABHAT is a body of dynamic professional Engineers engaged in the process of rendering consultancy services in Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing and Low Voltage services as applied to establishments such as Hotels, Hospitals, Office Buildings, Mixed Use Developments, Residential Townships and Shopping Complexes in India and Abroad.